How my Artistic Journey started

Jan 11, 2021

In my first blog post, I wanted to share a bit about my artistic journey and how I got started. I'm planning to start posting blogs regularly. The blog posts are art-related and mostly art tips and tricks that can help you get started on your artistic journey.

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How I got started

When people ask me how I first got started, I tell them about the time I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a portrait made with graphite pencils. I thought to myself, I want to know how to do that too. So I looked for a pencil and a piece of paper and drew an eye. This was in 2014 and I didn’t know anything about all the different materials yet but I was quite satisfied with how it turned out.

Feeling motivated, I started drawing again after not having touched a pencil for more than 10 years. After a lot of trial and error and many hours of practice, I started to get the hang of it and I was getting more and more excited about drawing again on a regular basis.

Trying different things

Drawing wasn’t the first thing I tried on my journey. I tried a lot of different things before I found my passion for drawing. We don’t always get it right the first time. At first, I thought that maybe I would become a graphic designer or a photographer. But after studying graphic design for 2 years, I couldn’t imagine myself truly happy doing either of those as a career.

I always felt the need to be creative so I also tried decorating cakes and making chocolate bonbons for a while. When I was done with that I even started making handmade bracelets that I was planning to sell. But nothing really held my attention for very long until I realized that drawing was the thing I loved doing the most. I never expected to make money from my artwork though. All I knew was that I loved those moments when I was drawing and how fulfilled I felt after every drawing.

My Journey

That’s when my artistic journey really started. At first, I mostly practiced with graphite pencils, but soon I also started practicing with other mediums like colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, watercolors.

After drawing for a while I started sharing my drawings on Instagram, which was in 2014. It didn’t take long for others to find me and bigger art accounts started sharing my drawings. My Instagram account grew and grew and became big in only a very short time. During this time I got a lot of questions about how I made my drawings and which materials I used. So I decided to start filming my drawing process to show others how I did it.

Drawing Videos

In 2015 I started a Youtube channel and uploaded my first timelapse drawing video. On Youtube, I received a lot of positive comments and also the question if I could share the real-time videos and if I could explain the process. So I started making real-time videos and tutorials for my Youtube channel. 

Creating those drawing tutorials took me a lot of time and time is money so I decided to create a Patreon account in 2017. I wanted to earn some money to help keep me going. Again I received a lot of positive comments about my drawing tutorials and teaching style which gave me the motivation to move forward. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with all of you so that's where my journey as an online art teacher began.

Artistic Journey Membership

In 2020 I finally took the step to really become an art teacher and created my own membership site. I always planned to stay out of sight behind the cameras so at first, it was a real challenge to start filming myself where everyone could see me. But with all of the positive comments I’ve gotten, I feel even more motivated and I finally found my passion. This is what I love doing the most, creating art and teaching others.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw too, why not join us in the membership. Whether you just started drawing for the first time or you’re wanting to get back to drawing after 10 years, it’s never too late to start drawing. Give in to your passion and get started on your own artistic journey now.

You can join us in the membership here.


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