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My step-by-step drawing lessons will help you improve your drawing skills and my ongoing support will help you move forward and build self confidence on your own artistic journey. Are you ready to join?

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What you will learn:

 Back to Basics

We will go over the basic elements of art because these are the building blocks for almost every drawing.


 How to 'See'

Learning how to draw is learning how to see things differently. We will learn how to improve our observation and drawing skills.


 Changing your Mindset

Your mindset is important when you are going to learn something new or when you want to become better. 

Take a look inside the Membership...


“You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got.”

- Author Unknown


Artistic Journey membership is for you if...

✓ You always wanted to learn how to draw but don't know where and how to start.
✓ You already started practicing, but you’re not seeing the results you want and don't really know how to improve.
✓ You want to build more confidence to be able to draw anything you want.
✓ You want support so you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.
✓ You need a place to share your work so you can be encouraged and reminded to stay positive and keep going.

your membership includes:


✦ Weekly Content

New videos will be uploaded every week, and all previous videos will remain available for you, so you can follow at your own pace. 
The videos are real-time tutorials with commentary in which I explain my techniques step by step as well as showing which materials I use.

✦ Community

You can join our private art community to connect with like-minded members. You can also upload (the process of) your drawings, and give and receive feedback.

✦ Art Critique Videos

You can submit your drawings or work in progresses and receive feedback or advice in a video.

✦ Reference Photo’s 

The reference photo's are copyright free and available for download to use for your own drawings.

✦ Bonus Content

Unlimited access to the video library in the membership with 27 tutorials to choose from.


what members are saying

"I fell in love with pencil drawing in April this year and quickly realised that I needed some guidance. While searching the internet I have watched a tutorial of Emmy and liked it straight away. I liked the fine art of her and the way she explained it. I was lucky she started a membership around that time, for people to learn how to draw.

It's definitely a great way to learn how to draw while doing lessons, bonus content, and exchange with like-minded people.  Since I have joined it, I have improved immensely and I am looking forward to learning much more.
Emmy is lovely and always makes sure you are on the right track."

- Julia

"One of the things, (and there are many) I really enjoy about being an ongoing member of Emmy Kalia's Artistic Journey art classes is the manner in which Emmy teaches. She has a remarkable ability of explaining precisely what it is she wants her students to learn and understand. As a beginner with no background in art I look forward to each week's lesson, knowing that Emmy's professional knowledge and her clear-cut teaching style are definitely very important stepping stones in achieving my personal goal of learning to draw skillfully and accurately and...
having a bit of fun whilst I am at it."

- Cheryle

"I’ve been following Emmy’s YouTube for more than 2 years, and I was always impressed with her work, but trying to understand how she was sketching and shading in a 20 minutes video was a big challenge! Until Emmy surprised us with the membership, I was so excited to join without any hesitation. Since the membership started I am always waiting for Wednesdays to get the new lessons impatiently just like a little child who is waiting for a gift! I’ve noticed lots of improvement and confidence in my drawing skills after I started practicing every week. I like the methods Emmy is using in teaching, especially that she thinks out loud, and how she sometimes shows her mistakes and how to fix them quietly when they happen.

- Rana

Let's do this!
You can join with a Monthly or Yearly subscription.

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$23 per month

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  • Weekly Drawing Lessons
  • Art Community
  • Art Critique Videos
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  • Weekly Drawing Lessons
  • Art Community
  • Art Critique Videos
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