Hey there

My name is Emmy, I'm an artist and art teacher living in the Netherlands, with my husband and two little boys. Drawing portraits and capturing the emotions of people on paper is what I love doing most.

My Journey

Drawing didn’t come naturally to me at all. It started as a childhood hobby. As a teenager, I did draw now and then, but I was unhappy with my drawings. I wasn’t confident enough and I listened to that judgemental voice in my head, that it just wasn’t good enough so I gave up. 

It wasn't until 2014 (I was 28) that I found my passion for drawing again. I saw a portrait made with graphite pencil on Instagram and I wanted to know how to draw that too. So after more than 10 years, I started drawing again. I was determined to succeed and after many hours of practice I started to get the hang of it and I was excited about drawing again.


I get inspired by everything around me, this could be the person next to me or things I see around me in ‘nature’. Sometimes when I look at people, I notice the colors and the shading, or I look at the hair, and then I think of how I would apply this to my drawings. Or I study what they’re wearing, a piece of their clothing and the flow of it and then I start imagining drawing it.

About Me


Drawing is very calming and relaxing. I can draw for hours and lose track of time. All I need is paper, pencils and some background music. At first, I wasn't easily satisfied and kept telling myself, I’ll do better next time. I was a perfectionist and insecure about my drawings, which is why sometimes it took me hours to correct and add details. Now years later I have learned to let go and embrace my mistakes. I learned to accept that this is my own unique piece of art and to feel proud of what I have created.


When it comes to drawing, I believe it’s not just about talent, it’s about having the motivation to become better. I have learned so much through practice alone. Many have asked me 'How did I learn?'. My answer is: practice a lot, be determined, and learn from your own mistakes. 


I love sharing everything I've learned and that’s why I created the Artistic Journey Membership. I want to help others on their journey of becoming an artist and give them the support they want so they don’t have to figure it all out by themselves.

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