Where to find Reference Photos for your Artwork

Nov 08, 2021
copyright free reference photos

High-quality reference photos

If you want to make a realistic drawing using a reference photo you will need high-quality photos and if you plan to sell your art you will need to make sure to use copyright-free photos.

It’s not easy to find high-quality copyright-free photos online. It’s even more of a challenge to take the reference photos yourself unless you have some experience with photography. Imagine you want to draw a bird, a cat or a tiger…. How easy do you think it is to photograph a moving subject yourself? 

I often spend hours on google looking for the right reference photo to use for my drawings. Many of the photos I find aren’t the right quality or they aren’t copyright-free. That is why I put together a list of websites where all of the photos are copyright-free, that way you don’t have to worry about copyright law whenever you’re looking for a reference photo to draw from.

Here are some websites that provide high-quality, copyright-free photos. You can use these websites to download reference photos for your artwork. 




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